My Story


     The Lord put it upon my heart a year ago to start a religious podcast with a distinctly Christian perspecive. So I began buying the necessary equipment one at a time to do His bidding.

     I finished buying everything but delayed awhile as I wanted to be sure it was the Lord promoting me to do this.

     Finally I was sure and posted my first episode with Buzzsprout on January 22, 2020.   

     I was very uncomfortable at first and I've done public speaking all my life but this was quite different. I didn't really like hearing my own voice in this platform at first. But now I'm more relaxed with it. 

     I enjoy doing a devotional time and sharing God's Word with others. My prayer is that we all grow in the Lord as a result of this ministry. I also pray that others who are unbelievers may come to know Jesus as their Savior.

 "You either read God's Word and grow in the Lord or you remain a "babe in Christ." It’s that simple."

My Mission


    My first and most important mission is to reach people for Christ so that some might be saved. Many episodes will explain the way of salvation and have an invitation to receive Christ as one's Savior. 


    Secondly, to assist other born Christian's in their walk with the Lord. Encouraging believers to read and study God's Word so that they become believers who are fed on meat and grow strong in the Lord. And perhaps give good Christian advice to assist in their walk. 

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