Poetic Devotions
Linda Roorda

     Wife, Mo, Grammy, quilter, gardener, artist, silk florist, author, poet, still a farmer at heart, and retired medical transcriptionist.

Learning Truths

   I’m first and foremost a born again Christian, dedicating my life to the Lord.


   I have three children, two daughters and one son, grown up and in their thirties.


   I’m a licensed Physical Therapist; however, currently retired. I have also worked many years in the local school system, primarily when my children were school age, substitute teaching grades preschool thru twelfth.


   My enjoyments and hobbies include knitting, reading, Bible studies, listening to radio sermons (especially Dr. David Jeremiah, Greg Laurie and Chip Ingram), growing plants (with many different ones throughout my home!), caring for animals (have a dog, cat and 2 fish tanks), gardening (veggies, fruits and flowers), yard work (summer and fall) and watching movies.


   I’ve enjoyed being both an officer and committee member of various local and civic organizations throughout the years.


   Finally, I especially enjoy times spent with friends, family, and my dear children and their spouses

Keep Worshipping and Watching
with Steve Cain

Husband, father, grandfather, research scientist. I play the piano and organ at church services.