Almost had a mishap today

Went to pick up my granddaughter from school and left the car running so it would be warm to come back to. It's very windy and cold! Hurts your ears if you don't have them covered.

Got my granddaughter back into the car but after I took the car out of park to leave my granddaughter told me she couldn't fasten her seatbelt as she usually does. So I stopped the car and reached over to buckle it. But my foot came off the brake as I was leaning to buckle it without my knowledge and the car was coasting toward our church as I was looking down at the buckle trying to fasten it. My granddaughter hollered, "Gram , the car is moving and we're going to run into the church." Thank God she said something as it was a close call. Really!

I would've been so upset and embarrassed if it had actually occurred! I'm sure everyone would've heard that story at my church at some point. Praising the Lord that my granddaughter spoke up.

Told my daughter about it after getting back home and she replied, "Raelyn , can really distract one from what their doing." But I'm feeling a bit old and forgetful! Maybe it's time to take my keys? lol

So I'll have to be more careful not to get distracted so easily by the little one when I'm operating a vehicle.

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