Election Disaster

Everyone needs to understand the difference between 'absentee ballots' and 'universal ballots' and 'no-excuse ballot'.

An 'absentee ballot' is requires the voter who is unable to get to the polls in person to vote to request a ballot. The acceptable excuse to be able to obtain an 'absentee ballot' is being out of your state on election day or a medical condition that prohibits you from going to the polls in person. They fill out the form with their excuse for not being able to vote at the polls in person and sends it to the state. The state then sends the voter a ballot and the voter finally returns the ballot with his or her vote. They have to sign and prove who they are and that they are indeed a citizen and a registered voter.

A 'no-excuse ballot' is where you don't have to have an acceptable excuse for not going to the polls to vote in person. Voting this way is a personal preference only. It has to be approved and credentials to prove your a citizen and a registered voter.

A 'universal ballot' removes all hurdles like the above mentioned ballots. They mail this ballot to every registered voter in the state. Voters don't have to do a thing to get it.

So here lies the problem with 'universal ballots': the government doesn't clean up it's voter records and dead people receive them which means anyone can pretend to be that dead person and fill it out then mail it; people can vote this way plus go to the polls; gives way to a lot of fraud; they get lost; or someone throws them out; delays with mailing them and we can't know the election results for weeks or months.

The election of 2020 is going to be a disaster and chaos will incur.

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