Hustle and Bustle

I'm joining in on the hustle and bustle today. I've done up my Christmas meals list and now I've got to go purchase all those items. Plus get two more Christmas gifts.

Our daughter is cooking Christmas dinner and we're all going to her house. She's cooking prime rib and it's her first time with that choice of meat. I haven't ever succeeded in regard to cooking prime rib. She's a good cook so I'm sure it will turn out okay. I only remember one prime rib dinner that was beyond this world and my sister's friend cooked it for us. But she wouldn't share her grandmother's secret recipe with us. I'm happy our daughter is taking over some so I don't have to do all the Holiday entertaining. There are benefits to age!

Stephen's sister, Betty will be coming , December 23 and spending ten days with us. All the Cain's at Lake Raylean are going to Seattle and other cities to visit all there children and grandchildren. We didn't want Betty all alone for the Holidays besides she's not physically well enough to be alone.

We are finally totally dug out from the big snow storm on Wednesday night. Took a three days to accomplish that. I'm sure it did you too , if you live in the Northeast. We haven't had a big snow storm like that since 1993 and our two children were very young. I remember them helping their father shovel the driveway with their toy shovels. Naturally, they tired of that quickly and changed their focus to building a snow tunnel and had a riot. Now our son is 38 years and our daughter is 36 years old. Wow! Someone pinch me!

Well, off to join in the Hustle and Bustle of the season and you probably are too.

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