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"I've Got A Few Minutes"

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Today as I came upon Danny Boys property, I saw he was sitting at the entry of his big garage. I thought to myself, I've got a few minutes, I'm going to stop and chat with my Christian brother.

Danny Boy is a wonderful believer who is there for everyone he knows when they need help. He lets everyone on this hill ride their quads on their 350 acres and he also lets me ride my horse on that property too. When he was a teen, he created many beautiful trials with his quad and his buddies had a hand in that too.

Danny Boy was thrilled I stopped in, and we had much to share with one another as I hadn't stopped in for some time. Danny Boy and his Mother Linda are the type of folks that you can just stop in on and chat with. No need for an appointed time to get together. I love that about folks like them.

He shared with me his struggles of the day and how much work it was to bury his mother's cat. The battery to his backhoe was dead and he had to charge it and meanwhile a volunteer to mow some of his property got the tractor and mower buried in a big mud hole and needed Danny Boy to help them get out of that hole. Sure, enough I looked at the tractor and mower sitting there, and they were extremely muddy. Danny Boy also shared with me how his mom was doing who is now 75 years. We shared how we live so close but are so busy we don't get to talk much and laughed together about it. Because we just live down the road from one another.

I appreciate believers like Danny Boy and his mother and always go away feeling a nice warm feeling all the way deep inside. I wish some other believers were open to another believer just popping in on them to chat for 15 minutes to share with one another but all too often I find that a few don't appreciate that. They will tell you to call ahead and make plans for such a thing which never happens. It's much more enjoyable to be spontaneous in my opinion.

The garage driveway to where Danny Boy was is all grown in with grass so as I was leaving and backing out, I couldn't really tell with my backup camera if I was on the drive or in the field. All of a sudden, I hear Danny Boy hollering, "No, no, no, no! I quickly looked up at where Danny Boy was sitting and saw him waving his arm frantically. I thought, "What's wrong?" Then all of a sudden, I heard a thud at the rear of my car. Good thing I was just creeping along due to uncertainty.

My face must've turned seven shades of red. I got out and looked to see what I had rammed into. It was two mailboxes which sat on a wooden fence. Danny Boy is hollering, "There's no damage. It's okay." I replied, "If that doesn't take the cake. I come to visit you and I drive into your fence with the mailboxes on it." Danny Boy assures me everything is okay but does suggest I drive back up toward the garage and make a big circle so I can head out straight so I can see. My reply, "Good idea, I'll do just that."

Now I'm going to sound like an old lady with the next thing I share. I grew up in a time when folks would just pop in on each other like that and frankly I think it's sad that you can't with some folks. They are missing out on a blessing.

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