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911 Emergency

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

When we think of that title "Emergency Room" we tend to automatically think and believe

that when we have to go there that we'll be seen by a doctor quickly. That it will be similar to driving up to a McDonald's window and we'll be served fast, efficiently and quickly to satisfy our hunger. We assume we won't have to sit around waiting and pacing the floor for hours to be seen by a doctor. Afterall, we have an emergency! Isn't that the reason for calling it the "Emergency Room?"

Many times, I have had an emergency and had to go directly to the Emergency Room for treatment and I'm sure many of you have also. Eventually, we learn that it will not be fast service there! The truth is it's rather slow and will truly tests our patience in regard to waiting for our turn to be seen.

The last time I had to go there it was so crowded it was unbelievable. "Where did all these sick people come from? Why did they have to be sick when I'm sick? Boy, I wish I didn't need to come here! Don't they realize how sick I am and how hard it is to sit here waiting to be seen?" Those are the thoughts that ran through my mind and I'm sure everyone else there was thinking the same.

Next to us there was this big giant sign that had these words on it: Please be patient as patients are seen according to the severity of their illness. We will move as quickly as we can. Please be patient. We are here for you! Aggressive behavior will NOT be tolerated. Examples of aggressive behavior include physical assault, verbal harassment, abusive or foul language, and threats. As I sat there and read that sign, I thought, "Wow, I wouldn't behave like that!" "I would also feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself for acting so immature." "Besides, God expects more of me."

Soon after I read that sign a grown man was standing in front of the desk with four security guards and two doctors hollering and swearing. This went on for an extended time and He began to threaten the doctors. My eyes must have gotten as big as a saucer to witness a grown man behaving so poorly. He was breaking all the rules listed on that sign and they were allowing it to go on forever it seemed. "Why are they tolerating this behavior?" "The sign says they won't tolerate it." "This is crazy and scary to those of us waiting patiently." "What will this man do next?"

I turned to my husband and whispered to him, "Let's go sit in the back so we can keep an eye on what's going on. "If he pulls out a gun we can jump in that bathroom in the back and lock the door!" So, we got up and moved there. Too often people that act that aggressively leave and then come back with a gun. It has happened many times in our culture, sad to say. Eventually the man left in a huff! But we kept our eyes peeled on that entry door for some time. Wondering, will he come back and do more harm? Thankfully, he didn't.

The whole experience reinforced the fact to me that none of us can control anyone else, but I can control myself. I can control my thoughts, my words, my choices, my actions, my reactions, and my future with the Lord's help. We don't have to choose to behave like that man did in the ER!

But too often in our society we see grown adults behaving this way and without shame or regret. After all, it's their right to behave that way. That's the mindset of people today. How sad and untrue that thinking is! What a poor role-model to our children. Then we wonder why the younger generations behave as they do! Let's all choose to control ourselves and behave more like mature adults in all situations.

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