Little Fish

Every other week I have my four year old granddaughter and this is my week. Now that's it's hot again we are spending our time together in the pool. I'm trying to teach her how to swim and she does good for a very short distance. She begins to sink so I catch her before she goes under. She's doing good at overcoming her fear some but then gets too confident so you really have to stay right on top of her.

Children and grandchildren are such a blessing as you get to relive childhood with all the new experiences they go through with them. It's new to them and so exciting.

I pretty sure we'll be living in the pool rest of this week as it's going to be very humid. She doesn't like to get out as she enjoys it so much. Like a little fish and I was too as a kid.

I keeping using the wordless book with her and one day I'm praying to understands and accepts Christ as her Savior.

Have a wonderful day and keep 'cool'.

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