Living Again

I stayed home and social distance myself for a month and half. I didn't even do my own grocery shopping. That was enough for me! It's obvious this nasty covid-19 will be around for year or two if there's no vaccine so I decided I was going back to living my life. It's not healthy to shut people away in the way their suggesting. Realize that I also live in an extremely rural area and we only have 24 cases in our entire County. I'm extremely "street smart" about it and we all will have to be till we have a vaccine. And I trust in God to protect my family and myself. But we have to start living again and open up the Country before our economy crashes!! Would help if they would start making tons of hand santizer, clorox wipes, disinfectant wipes, lysol spray, masks, and other products to help us fight the enemy. Be safe, smart, and wise but go on living your life in ways where you can safely. That's my advice!

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