Looking Forward To Hearing God's Word

Sunday is a day of worship and fellowship by attending your church.

If you want to be encouraged during these hard times be sure to attend your church services.

I suggest you buy a face shield so you can breathe during Sunday School Class and Church service. Besides it provides much more protection against covid-19. And don't forget to carry hand sanitizer and use it frequently while out. Also be sure to sit 6 feet apart which doesn't mean you can't sit with your own family members from your own household.

I look forward to Sunday School and Church it's always beneficial. Personally it challenges me to walk closer to my Lord and it will you too. God tells us not to forsake the assembly of ourselves together. We need the fellowship that our church provides and the instruction in the Word.

We are isolated enough with technology and now covid-19 so I personally need the to attend church for that reason also. I need the "Sweet fellowship!" And so do you.

Covid-19 is here forever just like the flu. So how long are you going to be willing to miss out by not attending Sunday School and Church? How long will you let fear grip your heart instead of trusting God with your life?

Let's grow together in the Lord and attend church. Don't be afraid as God ordained all the days of your life. He's in charge not covid-19.

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