Medical Advances

Praise God for medical advances in knee and hip replacements. My total hip replacement was done from the front and the recovery time is much faster. They take out the joint through the front muscles and put the new appliance in the same way.

Its only been thirteen days since my surgery date and I'm able to shower, dress, and do my exercises which I was instructed to do. Soon I will graduate from the walker to a cane and then my own two feet.

Continuing the exercises they give you to do are important so I have complete range of motion. If I were to stop those exercises I would never have range of motion again in my lifetime. So you bet I will remain faithful to doing them as I like to ride my horse, swim, bicycle, hike and many other things.

However, I can't ride my horse till next year but that's okay. We'll do ground work this summer and hike together in hand.

I'm amazed at how God has given doctors these methods to improve surgeries and recovery time. It's pretty amazing! And I Praise God for it!!! Maybe I'll be able to tend to my flower beds this Spring.

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