Nothing But Violence

All the violence started on May 23, 2020 and still continues on our cities streets today. Most of the cities are held by democrats who have given the rioters a 'green light' to destroy, burn, loot, assault, and even kill.

Most of the rioters are Black Lives Matter, Antifa, criminals, and thugs. All of them hate America and want to destroy her!

I think it's time to declare these rioters, "domestic terrorist' and end it once and for all.

Businesses are being ruined and so are people's lives. Some even losing their lives as bystanders. Many children have been killed also but if you google it you can't find information on it but I have through the last months heard it reported on the tv news. And citizens no longer feel safe in these cities. Gun sales have skyrocketed as people don't feel safe.

It's not good for our Nation at all!

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