Stand Up To Evil

If American Christians don't stop being silent and begin to fight back on evil we are going to lose all our freedoms. The left is backing the rioters and allowing them to destroy our cities and now threatening people in the suburbs.

Now liberals are threatening our Senators and protesting at their homes like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. Saying horrible things and threatening remarks.

Schumer and Pelosi plus AOC threatening to impeach and delay the nomination of a conservative to the Court. Why? Because they don't want a single conservative on the Court. Afraid of losing Roe vs Wade , gay marriage and other immoral acts they've made legal through that Court.

You all better get out to vote in person as they are going to cheat and commit fraud in ways we've never seen before in history. I truly believe the 2020 election will be in total chaos due to the democrats letting ballots come in even seven days after election day. They all of the sudden keep finding boxes of ballots in all kinds of places.

All the more reason to put a Supreme Court Justice on the Court before the election as I think the Court will have to decide who the real winner is. I'm serious!

Get registered and vote in person! You're freedoms are on the line!

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