Sunday Pet Peeve

Updated: Jan 4

Have you ever sat in your pew in the sanctuary on Sunday and during the service or Sunday School Class and you hear this: Ring, ring or beep, beep, and cell phone music playing. Every person in the room starts looking around hunting for the source of all the distracting noises with all different kinds of looks on their faces. Some looks of disgust, shock, puzzled and etc. It's quite comical to observe all those different faces being expressed at that moment.

None the less, it has distracted from the worship time in God's Word. God's House is a place of worship.

Let's all make more of an effort to turn those cell phones off prior to entering the church out of reverence for God's House so this doesn't happen.

Just one of my pet peeve's when it keeps occurring.

Instead of being addicted to our cell phones, let's be addicted to God!

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