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Leave My Baby Brother Alone

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I was getting around to go to the big, Canton Fair, and I'm being sarcastic when I say that. At least it was something a sixteen-year-old could do on a Friday night in a little country town like Canton, Pennsylvania.

I wasn't going with anyone but that was how I was throughout my youth, a loner. Guess I'm still a lot like that now. Most of the time I like to do things by myself! I enjoy my own company. Anyway....

As I was pulling into the Canton Fair grounds looking for a place to park my car, when right in front of me in the main lane was a circle of older boys surrounding this little boy. Keep in mind, it was night-time, and my headlights were shining on these boys. As I drove closer to them, I wondered who the little boy was. "Do I know him"? I could see clearly that they were hitting and pushing this little boy around as they had him surrounded. The older boys were around the ages of 16-18 years old. I instantly thought, "that's not fair!" I kept staring and trying to figure out who the little boy was. Then all of a sudden, I could clearly identify the little boy. "That's my baby brother!"

I immediately reacted with no forethought put the brakes on, stopped my car, and ran out toward the bunch of older boys just a swinging my big, old pocketbook as hard as I could. I hit each and every one of them while screaming, "Leave my baby brother alone!" Believe it or not, they all scattered and ran away.

I made sure my baby brother, Bart, was okay and drove him all the way back home. I didn't ask him why those older boys were treating him that way. I just figured they were 'bullies'. I never did return to the fair grounds that night.

Afterwards, I was shocked that I had done that with no thought of what the consequences might be for my actions. I just went into 'auto pilot' mode to defend my baby brother at all costs. Bart, at the time was only eleven years old.

I have a special place in my heart for my baby brother, Bart. My brother Bart is no longer with us. He passed away with no warning, suddenly at the age of 45. I will be sharing several blogs about him in sequence after this one. All of them will lead up to "why" I kept an eye on my baby brother as he grew up. Repeatedly, defending him in various situations. A little mystery to keep your interest peaked.

Some questions to ponder: Would you protect your loved ones? Or even a stranger on the street? Or would you just sit and watch someone be injured by others or even murdered?


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