The 666 Vaccine

I've been very concerned about Christians claiming that the covid-19 vaccine's will implant a chip into your body with the mark of the beast.

Revelation 13 is a fascinating passage that deals with the Anti-Christ. In fact, there are three characters representing a foul demonic trinity. The first creature is the Dragon, Satan. The second creature is the beast out of the Sea, the Anti-Christ. The third creature is the beast of the earth, which is the false prophet. Interestingly, 666 does not appear until the end of the chapter. Both the Anti-Christ and the false prophet have been revealed before 666 appears.

So where does that bring us with the claim that 666 is in the covid-19 vaccine?

We must reject this on two MAJOR counts: The first, neither the Anti-Christ nor the false prophet have been revealed. Secondly, and even more importantly, 666 is clearly associated with WORSHIP. Remember, the devil is a proud beast he wants OPEN WORSHIP not a sneaky , hidden, way to implant you with his mark. And this is clear in Revelation 13. Those who receive

the mark are enthralled with the Anti-Christ.

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