Uncertain Times

Things have only gotten worse in America! I'm afraid the push for impeaching President Trump is only going to create more anger and violence. So much for UNITY IN AMERICA!

It's so sad that we can't as a people unite around our Constitution, Bill Of Rights, and Declaration Of Independence , plus our laws of the land! I myself can not unite to a party that wants to kill the unborn and shred our Constitution. If we the people could unite on those founding principals then insist the House, Senate, and President do the same. Then we might accomplish good for the entire Country and be able to unite the parties.

Instead politicians want to divide us and fuel the fire! One has to ask, WHY? WHY? WHY? How does it benefit them politically? What's their goal in dividing the people? What's the plan? Is it to "divide and conquer"?

Remember through all the uncertain days ahead that God is in charge not these politicians! God's will for America will be done not there's!!!! That's the only thing we know without a doubt and that's the only TRUTH we have in this atmosphere and world is God's Word. God's Word is TRUTH!

Media lies daily and there are tons of conspiracies theories floating all over the internet between people in regard to the vaccine and what President Trump will do. The only thing President Trump is going to do is to step down and peacefully folks. He did not insight violence as I've listened to his Jan. 6 rally speech three times. All lies! Again what's the motive with the lies in regard to what really happened on Jan.6th? What do politicians gain by lying and perhaps setting the whole scenario up to blame President Trump and conservatives? Were they all conservatives? Was Antifa in the mix? Was BLM in the mix? Many, many questions I have in regard to all of it.

I heard the one's attending the rally did not get there till the capital had already been broken into. Heard that on Newsmax. The timeline doesn't fit the scenario that folks who attended President Trumps speech did this. They didn't have the time to get there according to the timeline of events. I have doubts about just who all these people were who broke into the capital. I have many unanswered questions because I don't trust politicians or media.

Is it possible we have citizens who are at there wits end and may fight back by use of force and physically attack? Yes, I believe so. People have seen the past four years and all the hate toward our President. The crooked means used to try to impeach him and ruin him. And their still at it! Will this all lead to a civil war? I don't know but it could. Only God knows for sure. Whatever happens God's in control and His plan for America will come about in due time. His time not ours.

Impeaching President Trump without doing it by the Constitution is really going to fuel tempers and aggravate this whole situation even more. Hard to tell what people will do. But we all need to remember every single person is responsible for their own choices and what they decide to do. No one is to blame but they themselves! It's called personal responsibility.

So we all need to calm down , dig into the Word, and trust God to work it all out in His time and in His way.

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