Update on Balms

Just got notified that Balms For The Soul Podcast had 46 downloads last week so I'm praising God for the increase in listeners. I pray that many will be saved and other's will grow in their in relationship with the Lord. This is peanuts compared to famous people who have 1,000 to 5,000 listeners. But it's growth and that's what matters! I'm not into numbers but it's nice to know folks are interested in hearing God's Word and some counseling tidbits to assist them in their walk with Lord on this earth.

I can't be a missionary overseas but this is a great way to reach people for Christ. I'm thankful for this ministry that God put on my heart to do. I give Him all the credit as I pray about each episode and what to present.

God is very present in our lives and working in the lives of people.

Thank you God for all you do!

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