Vaccine Drama

Daily I'm seeing all these vaccine conspiracies on facebook and others sharing them on their facebook pages. Especially the covid-19 vaccine conspiracies.

There has been a movement for years against any type of vaccine among many Americans. And it has grown and intensified in numbers through the years. Adults even deciding not to get their children vaccinated. And as a result we are seeing the return of measles and the like.

Many people get down right nasty with you if you disagree with any of the conspiracy theories on facebook or in person. Such a shame! No open dialogue among folks anymore!

I highly suggest that everyone share any information you've been told by others or read on facebook or the internet with your own doctor or doctor's in regard to any vaccine. Discuss thoroughly with them! Inquire what's in it. Then decide for yourself whether to take a vaccine of any type. Don't trust media, other's opinions or facebook as sources of truth. Truth is so hard to find these days. Frankly, I trust my own personal doctors over any doctor posting things in social media in regard to vaccine's. A doctor I've never met or had take care of my health issues.

Each of us has to decide for themselves in regard to whether to receive a vaccine.

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