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Watch Out For Those Puddles

Every time it would rain all day long the kids and I would get bored so we'd hop in the car and go 'puddle cruising'. We would drive around the Valley hunting for all the big puddles we could find to drive through at a high speed. The water would splash onto the windshield like a big wave had hit it. There would be a few seconds where we couldn't see because it was such a powerful splash. We would laugh and laugh our heads off. The kids would say, "Find a another puddle Mom that was fun". My two children loved doing this and so did I. We continued doing this for years.

Several times I did this with my Mother and she didn't think it was fun or funny. She'd say to me, "One of these days you're going to regret doing that!" I would reply, "Why?" "Because one day your car is going to stall and there you'll sit", she would reply. I would just laugh when she would say this to me. Then my Mother's face would show her disgust with me but it didn't phase me. She could make all kinds of faces to show her disgust but I wasn't going to listen to her.

My Mom has been with the Lord now since November 28, 2011, and now every time I think about driving through a puddle I hear her saying, "One of these days you're going to regret doing that." As a result, since she passed away I hesitate about driving through puddles at a high speed and decide not to do it. Why? Because I've decided in my older years that she was right after all. There could be a big pothole hiding in that puddle and I could damage my front tire or worse. Or I may just stall my car out like she said.

They say when someone keeps "spitting in your soup" it makes one not want to partake. Would you want to partake if someone did that? No, you wouldn't.

If your child, teen, young adult, friend, or anyone else you know is doing something that you know will be harmful to them and they're choosing not to listen to you just keep "spitting on their parade" with comments like my Mom did. And one day they will decide to not keep doing that thing that will harm them.

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